On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 03:43:25PM -0500, Lampert, Hugh wrote:
> Well, I respectfully submit that the purpose of a digest is so people can 
> archive the mailing list themselves in their e-mail systems, one digest per 
> day.  An RSS feed does not easily allow this, and for a busy list like this 
> one, a subscriber might receive many messages per day, the number of which 
> could rapidly increase into the thousands in the inbox.  Filtering these many 
> messages into a folder, as you suggest, will more than likely mean that for 
> me they will never get looked at at all, as I receive many, many emails that 
> require my attention every day.
> I use Outlook for my corporate mail system and I know your opinion of the way 
> it works Matt.  I like to keep up with Catalyst as much as possible but not 
> enough to have to monitor an RSS feed or thousands of individual e-mails in 
> my business mailbox. I have an alternate suggestion.  Re-enable digests for 
> those who subscribe to the traditional function of a "mailing list" and don't 
> want to be flooded by individual e-mails, and revoke and block the 
> subscriptions of those who subscribe but don't know how to respond properly 
> and spam the list by responding improperly to the digest.

I'd note that you mailed the list instead of the list admin address
which was the wrong place to do so, and just replied top-posting with the
entire message quoted below to no aim, which is exactly the problem that we
have with digests.

Should I disable your subscription too?

> I have already unsubscribed from the Catalyst list for my personal mail box, 
> which collects on a somewhat limited portable micro drive.  If I can't get a 
> digest I guess I will have to unsubscribe from the list from my corporate 
> mail box as well, as I don't want to awkwardly manage thousands of individual 
> e-mails.  While I can make some time to scan the subjects of the digest when 
> it comes into my mailbox during my work day, I'm afraid I will not have time 
> to monitor yet another RSS feed, so it will be so long Catalyst info.  Too 
> bad for me, I guess.

You can put together an outlook mail rule trivially to move the mails into
a subfolder, and skim the subjects in there. I used to do that for lists back
when I was at a job that mandated outlook. Plus that way you can actually use
threading, which makes the skimming even quicker :)

If you really want digests back on, find me a way to detect replies to digests
and reject them at the border; we're using exim and standard mailman
integration so if you're sufficiently motivated to have a go it should be
easy enough to get an equivalent setup to test.

> Interestingly, I will continue to subscribe to the DBIx-Class list, as the 
> digest for that has NOT been turned off as of yet.  Are the subscribers to 
> that list just more intelligent?

My experience is that a lot of people seem to ignore the available evidence
and assume that Catalyst is an all-in-one project with DBIC and TT - the number
of DBIC or TT related questions on here rather than the relevant lists would
certainly fit with this.

In any case, digest replies haven't become a problem there and I have no
desire to disable them unless they do.

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