Not sure who that's pointed at Matt, but if you mean me, sorry for that.

In all honesty, if I could've worked out *what* needed fixing and
where, I would have done so. What I did was at least try to indicate
to people where the error was coming from and why, and what they might
do temporarily in order to get a workaround. In the absence of any
actual understanding of *why* the changes which triggered the problem
were made, trying to actually implement a fix didn't seem a very good

At any rate, the suggestion of some kind of stable/testing rating for
module releases sounds like a pretty good idea.

> Not when you're that far down the dependency chain.
> Anyway, this thread was started to try and help get the fallout fixed,
> not for you to posture. Either write code, shut up, or start a separate
> thread so I can safely killfile it.

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