> I think there was some discussion over the same error in the POE HTTP
> client over on perlmonks that included a "this is the line of code that
> is wrong". I can't find the link offhand though.

well, I see really three places to look at this:

1. in HTTP::Message - IMO the check on the content is fine, but there
is really no need to die on failure, at least not until the rest of
the codebase gets fixed. Hence my short term fix of just removing
that. Bah.

2. in Test::WWW:Mechanize::Catalyst , you get:

# For some reason Test::WWW::Mechanize uses $response->content everywhere
# instead of $response->decoded_content;
$response->content( $response->decoded_content );

which is the line that causes problems up the chain (I think that the
content check that happens in HTTP::Message->new() is not an issue).

So here, the question is, *why*? Is the right fix for T:W:M to change
to using decoded_content and remove this line? Or just remove this
line anyway? Or is there another issue?

I'd like Leon's opinion on this. Forwarding to him again.

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