On Fri, 16 May 2008, Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:

- a search

I tend to prefer expressing searches with query parameters… hm.

I understand that what you propose is '/cd?year=1968', is that right?
I really don't know - but some people would prefer to do the search by
POST, or might just like to have the uri as '/cd/search?year=1968'.

Why would anyone care about GET vs POST? I guarantee most users don't care.

If you mean they want to use a form, that has nothing to do with the method. Forms can submit GET requests.

The URI you propose could be RESTful, if you think of "search" as a noun, maybe short for "search results".

Example? I can't quite imagine what you would want to do here.

Hmm - how about a help screen - conveniently at '/cd/help'?

Again, could be RESTful.

One part of REST is that URIs contain nouns, period. The type of nouns, the path hierarchy, all that is irrelevant, the key is that the URI never contains a verb like "submit" or "edit". Note that "edit_form" is a noun, and is perfectly RESTful, and _necessary_ if you plan to have browsers interact with a set of RESTful URIs.


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