I've had good luck with ExtJS:



Peter Karman wrote:

J. Shirley wrote on 8/11/08 10:03 PM:

I use YUI extensively in conjunction with REST -- it works great.
Takes a very minimal amount of work to connect
Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::REST with the YUI DataTable, too.

YUI 2.5.1 has better methods for setting the content type, too, so you
can serialize out as JSON without doing weird hacks that were
previously needed (in case you saw someone, probably me, bitching
about that last year :))

(YUI 2.5.x)++

There are examples of using YUI with both RPC and REST style services here:


That uses RDBO, RHTMLO, CatalysX::CRUD(::REST) and YUI 2.5.x specifically.

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