I'm using a combination of CatalystX::ComponentsFromConfig and 
Net::Stomp::Producer. The first (t0m's code, even if released by me) allows you 
to avoid writing essentially empty model classes (and to apply roles via 
configuration file). The second is the one that actually deals with messaging. 
As the name implies it's using STOMP, but there's actually rather little in the 
interface that depends on it. It works like this:

- a "send" method takes a destination (queue name, whatever), a hashref of 
headers (including a 'type', that I imagine being similar to RabbitMQ's routing 
key), and a byte string for the message payload
- if the message payload is a reference, it is passed through a serialiser
- a "transform_and_send" method allows you to pass some internal 
representation, and having the logic to transform it into a message in a 
specialised class

We've been using something very similar at $work for a coulpe of years now, and 
it seems to be simple and flexible enough.
  dakkar - mobilis in mobile

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