I've done the tutorial Debian VM walkthrough.

I stopped at DBIC / CRUD, and I keep referring back to the tutorial, but it's 
very hard to follow when it is using examples for a templating system / ORM / 
CRUD and OS i'm not using.

I'm also convinced there is a caching issue, how can I refresh the browser on a 
controller/action i've changed the response->body of and still get the old 

Please advise if there is some form of caching in Catalyst so I can turn it off.

I'm still unable to get the template to work, regardless of what I call it!

here is the output from the server..

[debug] Debug messages enabled
[debug] Statistics enabled
[debug] Loaded plugins:
| Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader  0.30                                       |
| Catalyst::Plugin::Session  0.35                                            |
| Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie  0.17                             |
| Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::FastMmap  0.16                           |
| Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace  0.11                                         |

[debug] Loaded dispatcher "Catalyst::Dispatcher"
[debug] Loaded engine "Catalyst::Engine"
[debug] Found home "C:\Websites\members"
[debug] Loaded Config "C:\Websites\members\members.conf"
[debug] Session Store file: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\1\members\
[debug] Loaded components:
| Class                                                           | Type     |
| Members::Controller::Login                                  | instance |
| Members::Controller::Root                                   | instance |
| Members::Model::DBI                                         | instance |
| Members::Model::Members                                     | instance |
| Members::Model::Sql                                         | class    |
| Members::View::HTML                                         | instance |

[debug] Loaded Private actions:
| Private              | Class                                | Method       |
| /default             | Members::Controller::Root        | default      |
| /end                 | Members::Controller::Root        | end          |
| /index               | Members::Controller::Root        | index        |
| /begin               | Members::Controller::Root        | begin        |
| /login/index         | Members::Controller::Login       | index        |
| /login/login         | Members::Controller::Login       | login        |

[debug] Loaded Path actions:
| Path                                | Private                              |
| /                                   | /index                               |
| /...                                | /default                             |
| /login/                             | /login/index                         |
| /login/login/                       | /login/login                         |

[info] HLP_Members powered by Catalyst 5.90015
HTTP::Server::PSGI: Accepting connections at http://0:3000/

The path/controller/action is resolving correctly now, but any response->body 
change I make in the 'index :Path' action, isn't showing  when i refresh my 

And I still cannot get the template to work?

How do I find out where it thinks the template should be?

From: Tim Anderson [tja...@gmail.com]
Sent: 30 October 2012 17:57
To: The elegant MVC web framework
Subject: Re: [Catalyst] I'm loosing the plot here? - Controller behaviour that 
makes no sense


Might I suggest following Lukas' advice from yesterday and working through the 
tutorial before building your own site.  Catalyst is a great framework but it's 
not trivial, and I had several of the same kinds of questions when I first 
started out.

I clued in on your 'when neither output should show' statement; what are you 
expecting from 'mydomain:port/login' in your example.  It looks to me like 
/login should be matching your Login controller, and because you haven't 
specified a further path, your output is going to be 'this sucks', from the 
index function.



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