Sorry IRC?

I did post the debug and output , has this email not been received?

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From: Tomas Doran []
Sent: 30 October 2012 22:26
To: The elegant MVC web framework
Subject: Re: [Catalyst] I'm loosing the plot here? - Controller behaviour that 
makes no sense

On 30 Oct 2012, at 20:08, Craig Chant wrote:

> The path/controller/action is resolving correctly now, but any response->body 
> change I make in the 'index :Path' action, isn't showing  when i refresh my 
> browser?

You're not showing us the debug output of the failing request, so it's very 
hard to help debug that request.

If you want this form of interactive help, you'd be much better off dropping 
into irc for interactive help, rather than the mailing list, which by it's 
nature is more asynchronous.

Hope to see you in irc!


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