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>Sent: 31 October 2012 11:18
>To: The elegant MVC web framework
>Subject: Re: [Catalyst] Access Catalyst context object from script
>Hello Anthony,
>I think the catalyst object is not called Catalyst but c, this you need [% 
>c.uri_for(...) %] or you can use [% c.uri_for_action(...) %] to point to 
>particular action.
>You could change that setting the CATALYST_VAR into your view configuration 
>(as shown hereĀ https://metacpan.org/module/Catalyst::View::TT), however I 
>think "c" is shorter and >better default.

That's not the issue here; I can use CATALYST_VAR to rename it to whatever I 
want, it still doesn't give me access to the Catalyst's context object outside 
of a catalyst app - which is what I'm after here.

I'm trying to get an external script run by a cronjob, to re-use an existing 
Catalyst template containing [% c.uri_for() %] statements that point to actions 
within the cat app itself, instead of having to hard code URIs.

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