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>I suggest to load your Catalyst app with a config that doesn't
>unnecessary stuff like the models and views, just the controllers
>use $c->uri_for_action.
>Take a look at how Catalyst::Test::ctx_request does it or even

Great - this worked, thanks. I used:

        use Catalyst::Test 'MyApp';
        my($res, $c) = ctx_request('/');

... then I just pass $c into the layer I use for the TT/mailing bit:

        $params{Catalyst} = $c;

        # New MIME::Lite::TT object:
        my $msg = MIME::Lite::TT->new(
                From        =>  $from,
                To          =>  $to,
                        Subject     =>  $subject,
                Template    =>  $template_path,
                TmplOptions =>  \%options,
                        TmplParams  =>  \%params,
Thanks for your help,


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