On 27 Nov 2012, at 20:11, Jaroslav Zajonc wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd like to enable my Catalyst based (FastCGI) application to support a Comet 
> (Long polling) service with help of Twiggy - Pocket.IO (or Stardust like) 
> server. Now, for my Comet server I still want to use Catalyst app for 
> Authorization/Authentification and proxy only allowed user to Comet server.
> I am really struggling to understand how to achieve that. Actually if  
> possible, I'd be more than happy to have pure Catalyst app with Comet support.
> My current setup is Apache front-end server with 2nd app-server running 
> CatalystFastCGI app. I intend to build Comet server on app-server as well.
> Any idea how can I achieve that?

Just also run Twiggy, and direct comet traffic to the twiggy instance on your 
front end apache..

The checking authorisation part for one user will block the server - but that's 
ok really, as this is quick (I mean, it's quick in FCGI, right?) and the comet 
connections are, by their nature, long lived - so you don't make too many of 
them (i.e. there are lots of idle connections - which is why you're using an 
async server, but these connections are long lived - the actual act of 
connecting is rare).

Until you have 1000s of concurrent users, you're unlikely to be doing enough 
re-connections to notice - and when you are, just balance connections across 
multiple copies of Twiggy with mod_proxy_balancer.


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