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> But if I direct traffic from Apache directly to Twiggy server I'd bypass 
> Catalyst Authentication/Authorization part for Comet session, right? 
> I'd like to allow only authenticated users to subscribe to comet channel.
> I am sure I am missing some really simple piece of the puzzle :-\

I've been through the same dilemma. Solved it by sharing appropriate
data between Plack and Catalyst using 
It's clumsy and I haven't thoroughly tested it, though… So, there might be 

Here's how it goes…  something along these lines:

builder {
  enable 'Session',
    store =>
    Plack::Session::Store::Cache->new( cache => CHI->new( driver => (…) ) );

  mount '/' => $catalyst_psgi_app;    # auth, etc..
                                      # (you're logging in first, aren't you?)

  # when you reach here, auth is already made
  # and Plack::Session is stuffed

  mount '/socket.io' => PocketIO->new(
    handler => sub {

… and then

> plackup -s AnyEvent::FCGI myapp.psgi

Also, here, a message queue suits it well for sharing data and
messaging passing, given you've already pointed the proper queue key
in session.
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