I am trying to use Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBI::ButMaintained.

The problem of that module is that it says that it requires Catalyst::Model::DBI, but actually it requires a model named DBI.pm which is strange.

I corrected it and now it can work with a model with any name, which inherits from both Catalyst::Model::DBI and Catalyst::Model::Adaptor (if the model has a dbh() method), so it can also be used with a standalone lib.

I tried to contact the author on the email I found in the POD documentation and sent him the patch, but my message came back with an error.

I can use my patched version, but maybe it could be helpful for others also. If somebody know how I can contact the author, please tell me.

It would be strange to make another module ::ButMaintained::ButReallyMaintained :-)



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