Hi All,

I’m trying to deploy a simple Catalyst application for internal users, so I
don’t need anything fancy load balancing or proxy servers etc.

My environment,
Server: Windows 2003 server 32 bit
Dev Client: Windows 7 64 bit
Perl: 5.14.12 32 bit
Catalyst: 5.90018

I’ve had a look at the deployment page on the Catalyst Wiki, which gives a
good indication of what sould work (though I think some of it may be out of
date). Each option I try leads to a roadblock, so I start down a new path
with the same result.

My no doubt misguided impressions are, Nginx/Lighttpd have limited win
support, Acache is difficult and so not recommended and IIS needs Apache
and FastCGI and is therefore doubly complex.

What I’d like is somebody to tell me what they have working on windows, or
even better what the best/least painful solution is?

If appropriate I’ll then update/extend the wiki.

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