Hey All,

I had a bit of time on a few plane rides recent to get a chance to write down 
all the various thoughts and ideas I've heard around what could be a minimally 
useful expansion of how Catalyst handles content types beyond classic form 
data, etc as well as some features to make it easier to use Catalyst for 
building web services.

These are new core features not intended to compete so much with existing tools 
like Catalyst::Action::REST but instead to provide some minimal and hopefully 
correct support out of the box, to help beginners find enough in Catalyst to 
stick with it.  And hopefully better core support will make it easier to 
improve specific tools (like CAR).

I wrote it up in pod format and put it out on the github organization for any 
and all to comment, add tickets to, fork and send me corrections, etc.

I don't specifically see this as targeted for the Hamburg release, but most of 
it I think is straightforward, so I'd be happy to help mentor anyone that 
wanted to run with it.


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