Yeah, the skeleton builder is showing its age a bit.  I personally never use 
it, but I see the need for something like this.

I've come to the conclusion that 'one starter to rule them all' isn't going to 
be very forward looking no matter what it looks like.  I was pondering 
something were people could easily make templates and skel on say github and 
people could point some sort of cmd line tool at it and just use their favorite 
authors way of doing it.  That way people could fork their favorite and tweak 
it a bit.  We could even have a repo on github with a list of all the know 
templates that the commandline tools would read and make it straight up to 
generate a new project.

On the other hand... maybe its silly to reinvent the wheel here.  Isn't this 
just what Chef and Puppet do?  Maybe we should just use that instead?  I 
personally have no issue using Python or Ruby for something as simple as a 
project builder, and it would solve some issues.  We'd even be able to make 
chef scripts to do stuff like set up common tables and all that (how many 
user/role tables have you made).

Of course Puppet/Chef might seem like terrible overkill as well.  Again, It 
would be nice to have a way for people to be able to easily create basic 
project templates and a little more, like setup mysql, etc.



> From: Ynon Perek <ynonpe...@gmail.com>
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>Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2013 3:21 PM
>Subject: [Catalyst] Catalyst starter template
>Hi All, 
>After working with catalyst for some time, I found catalyst.pl too 
>minimalistic for my needs. 
>So I created a small script called ctstarter.pl that adds some features to the 
>base template you get for a new project. Currently it adds:
>1. A starter DB and migrations (using DBIx::Class::Migration)
>2. Code and DB tables for managing users and roles (using 
>3. A Twitter Bootstrap web view with templates (using 
>4. Two helper scripts: one to upgrade the DB and the other to reset admin 
>You can find the source and usage instructions here:
>Any feedbacks is appreciated.
>  Ynon
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