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> Is there a recommended way to access or modify session data stored in
> database with Store::DBI ?

The session data is typically a hashref of data, serialized using Storable, and 
converted to Base64 for storage in the database. Look at the get_session_data() 
and store_session_data() in Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBI to see how 
the data is retrieved and stored: 

You can do the same thing. From code outside Catalyst you can use DBI or 
DBIx::Class or whatever to SELECT the data from the database, decode/thaw it, 
work with it however you'd like, then freeze/encode it and UPDATE the db 
record. You'll probably want to wrap that in a transaction.

A separate problem is that the session data is keyed on the session id, not the 
username, so you won't be able to directly SELECT the session data for a 
particular username. You'd need to select and examine each session to find the 
username in $session_data->{'__user'}. Or maybe create a subclass of 
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBI and store the username as a separate 
column in the sessions table. I have no idea how difficult that would be, but I 
bet it's manageable.


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