Check that your development environment matches the server environment, including Perl version/location (such as using local::lib etc.) - also make sure they are using the same versions of the application and then do a matched upgrade to see if there are any incompatibilities.

You can always use Perlbrew to have multiple Perl environments for testing.

Looked at SO and your code seemed fine which makes me think this is an env. issue and not a code issue, but without a running example that fails we can't say.


On 29/06/2017 15:49, Rick Bychowski wrote:
Also my first post to the Catalyst list. :-) Are you on the same perl version 
on your development machine?
On Jun 29, 2017 5:06 AM, Michał Nowotka <> wrote:

This is my first message here and my first few days with inherited
catalyst app so please be understanding.
I have the catalyst app deployed on a server and I can see code like this:

my $variable = $c->forward(qw/Curate::Controller::Utils _get_timestamp/)

On my local development machine I see the variable is always
null/none/whatever you call it in the Perl world.
I guess this is due to some incompatibility in Catalyst versions
between the server an my dev machine and the 'forward' function has
changed its behavior in the meantime.
I've described my problem in a good detail (with code) in this SO question:

Can you please help me figuring out how can I assign the value to the
variable without stashing it?

Kind regards,

Michał Nowotka

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