Hi. This is probably OT because it's really a Moose question, and only 
incidentally in a Catalyst context, but I'd be grateful for any pointers. This 
is sort of a followup to a question that's discussed, well and thoroughly, on 
Stack Overflow, but without providing the answer I need:

I'm in a pretty similar situation: I have a Catalyst model, which doesn't in 
fact need to be an actual Catalyst model (that is, I could move it outside the 
Model namespace to "Utility" or something, and it would be OK). I want to use 
MooseX::LogDispatch from within this. Basically:
---package MyApp::Model::Email;use Moose; use namespace::autoclean;with 
extends Catalyst::Model; # maybe this isn't needed, and I could move the package
has log_dispatch_conf => ( # config setup here--NOT using any Cat config);
sub generate_bcc_line {  my ($self, @args) = @_;  
$self->logger->info("Generating bcc line");  # ...---
As in the Stack Overflow question, if I try calling send_email() from a test 
script with "MyApp::Model::Email->generate_bcc_line", I get the "Can't use 
string ("MyApp::Model::Email") as a HASH ref" error. If, in the test script, I 
get $c with the $ctx_request thing, and call 
$c->model('Email')->generate_bcc_line, then it works.
I'm pretty new to Moose, and don't understand how I could be integrating this 
into my package. My question is: What if I WANT to call this from outside 
Catalyst? That is, suppose I move MyApp::Model::Email to MyApp::Utility::Email, 
so I can call it from a cronjob or something. How do I get LogDispatch to work? 
I'd still want to log things even in a non-web context. But if my outside 
script has "use MyApp::Utility::Email->generate_bcc_line", LogDispatch will 
error too. But since LogDispatch isn't connected to Catalyst, there must be a 
way to use it the way I'm suggesting. What is that way?
Thank you.

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