I'm investigating openshift v3 cloud hosting platform - https://www.openshift.com/about/index.html - to host some perl projects, and in particular I'd like to know if somebody has already tried or is already hosting Catalyst based apps on openshift.

The "official" Perl resources - https://docs.openshift.com/online/using_images/s2i_images/perl.html#perl-templates - are focused on a sample application built on Dancer2, and my researches haven't provided anything relevant to Catalyst.

On "the paper" it should work, but I'd like to hear any comments or past experience if any.

Naturally, I'm also interested in any related analysis on the pros/cons of having Perl code running on openshift, particularly if you have already done some evaluation in this sense: I had past experience with openshift v2 and some simple CGI::Application in this regard, and I should say that the experience has been not bad at all.

Thank you.

Marco Vittorini Orgeas

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