I feel like I've exhausted Google/IRC/StackOverflow in trying to figure this issue out.

I have a Catalyst app, using FastCGI, behind Nginx, on CentOS.

I've created a dummy request that sleeps for 2 minutes.

With a default installation, Nginx responds after 60s with a 504 timeout, and an entry in the error log.  All as expected.

However, increasing both *fastcgi_send_timeout* and *fastcgi_read_timeout* to 10 minutes, still results in a 504, *but a slightly different version*.

Nothing goes in the Nginx error log.

See http://web.lavoco.com/504-fastcgi-timeouts.png

It would appear something other than Nginx is timing out, yet there are no timeout values to configure with all of the Perl modules used for FastCGI (that I can see).

Hopefully someone has come across this before, or can help point me in the right direction to debug this further.



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