Hi everyone

In my infinite(!) wisdom, I decided to do a complete server rebuild before
people will start using my website again next month.  This previously was
working correctly, however now even though the page is being served over
https, all the links (which use $c->uri_for and $c->uri_for_action) are
returning http versions, which is causing the style sheets to fail to load
for one thing, but also form submissions are going over http.

Some things that may be pertinent:

   - Using nginx / Starman (same as before).
   - This is using a letsencrypt certificate, which it was before, but when
   I set it up before there wasn't a certbot to automate it, so it was done
   - Website in case it's useful: https://www.mkttl.co.uk/
   - Catalyst version is now the latest - previously I *think* it
   was 5.90118, but unfortunately can't be sure.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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