Apologies, I have sorted this - I must have forgotten that I had set
the using_frontend_proxy option and then set the X-Forwarded-Port header on
nginx before.

On Sat, 2 Oct 2021 at 14:35, Chris Welch <welch.ch...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> In my infinite(!) wisdom, I decided to do a complete server rebuild before
> people will start using my website again next month.  This previously was
> working correctly, however now even though the page is being served over
> https, all the links (which use $c->uri_for and $c->uri_for_action) are
> returning http versions, which is causing the style sheets to fail to load
> for one thing, but also form submissions are going over http.
> Some things that may be pertinent:
>    - Using nginx / Starman (same as before).
>    - This is using a letsencrypt certificate, which it was before, but
>    when I set it up before there wasn't a certbot to automate it, so it was
>    done manually.
>    - Website in case it's useful: https://www.mkttl.co.uk/
>    - Catalyst version is now the latest - previously I *think* it
>    was 5.90118, but unfortunately can't be sure.
> Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
> Chris
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