At 07:41 PM 10/14/2009, Dave Nutter wrote:

>Today was a big day for Turkey Vulture migration.  I think it was around 
>2:30-3pm as I drove from Ithaca College to the airport I saw about 100, 
>about 1/5 strung out over south hill to go up the Cayuga Inlet valley, 3/5 
>in a big kettle over NYS 13 just east of Warren Road, the a few minutes 
>later the other 1/5 working their way south over the airport, Sapsucker 
>Woods and the Northeast neighborhood, plus others during the day.

May be I watched the same group of Vultures from the campus. I was walking 
from BTI to Day Hall and right near Dairy Bar I saw this huge congregation 
at 15 to 10 minutes before 3.00 pm.  It reminded me of Veracruz hawk watch 
as they were gaining height. I also saw several Red-tailed Hawks, they were 
way above vultures and they were going simply non stop and were slightly 
bigger than dots. I must have seen at least 10 of them.
Then another group of TV's was seen from Uris Library around 3.10 PM that 
were mainly flying over downtown Ithaca and I would think about 25 of them.

I also saw a COOPER's HAWK from my office window heading south east.


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