I think we should all be grateful to have the AOU's standard English bird names! To further illustrate the difficulty with Spanish bird names:

Kenn Kaufmann's Guia de Campo a Las Aves de Norteamerica gives "Avetoro minimo" for Least Bittern (Ixobrychus exilis). SEO/Birdlife (a conservation organization based in Spain) gives "Avetorillo panamericano".
Raffaele gives "Bitlin", "Gaulin" or "Martinetito".
In the Dominican Republic it's known as "Martinetito" also.
In Cuba it may be called "Garcita" or "Garceta".
A little more web-browsing will yield a handful of additional Spanish names, all for the same bird.

Natureserve.org puts the problem this way: "There are no standard Spanish common names, and these differ from one country to the next. InfoNatura provides a sampling of Spanish common names from selected countries across the range of each species. " http:// www.natureserve.org/infonatura/Lsources.htm#class

One blogger offered a warning that seems particularly applicable to smaller species, and especially species whose standard English names begin with the word "least": "Diminutives are used fast and loose in Spanish. Sometimes a diminutive will denote a different kind of bird, and sometimes it simply means the bird is cute."

For Least Bittern, InfoNatura gives "Avetoro minimo", same as Kenn Kaufman. However, the CLO site "All About Birds" omits that name, and instead gives three other choices: "Ardeola", "Garza enana" and "Garcillo" ! http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Least_Bittern/ lifehistory



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