Last evening just before dark we were thrilled to see the largest concentration 
of Chimney Swifts we've seen since we lived on S. Aurora St. in the '60s. There 
we lived across from the "Old Ladies' Home" on the corner of Hillview Pl. where 
every night in the summer swifts by the dozens swirled down into the tall 
chimney ...... until the chimney was covered with wire to keep them out.

Here on the campus of Union Springs Academy in Union Springs is a tall chimney 
on the girl's dorm. We've not noticed any swifts use this chimney in our 20 
yrs. here until last evening when we, our daughter & a couple friends were 
astounded to see, not swallows, but dozens of swifts overhead, apparently 
feeding. Some would dive towards the chimney, perhaps making a trial run to 
inspect the possibilities of a night roost. Suddenly the first brave ones began 
fluttering down into the chimney as the others continued feeding & then they 
were all down the dark cavern. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!!! 

All summer I have seen only about 5 swifts, except one evening when Kathy 
Strickland was here & we saw about 20. Will these dozens perhaps remember this 
chimney next year & return to nest????? Oh, I hope so!!

HABBAGUDDAY, everyone!!


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