Last week while vacationing on Wolfe Island in the Thousand Islands(Wolfe is a 
large island but very quiet and mainly rural/agricultural) I was driving after 
sunset on one of the dirt/gravel roads that compose most of the island when I 
saw a woodcock sitting toward the side of the road. It did not move for a 
couple of minutes and I was able to get a photograph of it in the headlights 
before it flew off into the night sky. Wolfe Island offers perfect woodcock 
habitat, with many unused fields and scrub. I continued driving and about a 
quarter mile away from where I saw the woodcock, suddenly in the headlights on 
the dirt/gravel road ahead several small birds flushed up and flew away from 
the road. This happened at least three times as I drove slowly down the road, 
but I could never get a good sighting of these birds, other than they were 
small (robin-sized or smaller) and flew up suddenly ahead. There were probaly a 
dozen altogether. There were no other
 vehicles on this road. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what birds 
these might be. I'm not sure if they were young woodcocks (as I know they are 
active at dawn and dusk), or something else. My husband surmised that they were 
swallows (of which we saw hundreds on the telephone wires on the island, 
gathering for migration), but I didn't think they would be on the roadway at 
night. Any help regarding identification of these birds would be appreciated.

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