More on the birds of Wolf Island. I see that Greg and John Bateman  
will be giving a presentation on their project at the up-coming NYSOA  
meeting. I look forward to learning more.

Bob McGuire

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> From: Greg Lawrence <>
> Date: August 18, 2011 1:35:08 PM EDT
> To: bob mcguire <>
> Subject: Re: [cayugabirds-l] Woodcock
> Hi Bob,
> This summer, I have been working on the Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands  
> Project, a binational study encompassing all 5 Great Lakes. However,  
> my coworker and I were just working on bird and amphibian surveys at  
> each of our 20 randomly selected sites on the southern and eastern  
> shores of lake Ontario. One of our sites happened to be at Sand Bay  
> on Wolfe Island, and the posting got me excited as we did a lot of  
> birding on the island while working and even when not working. We  
> had Woodcocks all over the island including our study site which was  
> in the shadows of 3-4 turbines. We even had *many* Wilson's Snipe at  
> our site up there. Basically, the turbines seemed to have little  
> effect on numbers as I've never been to a place with more displaying  
> Snipe and Woodcocks. Many other open area birds also seemed  
> unaffected by the presence of the turbines. This is just what we  
> observed in the ~4 days that we were on the island in May, June and  
> early July. Very cool place though with a LOT of birds!
> Greg Lawrence
> Rochester, NY
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