And yet another BK seen 22 Dec. flying over Van Cleef Lake in Seneca Falls then 
perching on a low post on the north side close to the water.

Also seen were Canadas & several Hooded Mergs.

Mud Lock area had many Hoodies & C. Mergs, more than I can remember seeing 
there. Lots of Tundra Swans, too.

Out on Cayuga Lake in the area of Canoga were 3 great flocks of various ducks, 
Snows & Canadas. Didn't have the scope & it was too late to see them clearly. 
Now with guns going off again, the birds aren't settling down for long.

We're seeing Factory St. pond Screechie occasionally. I checked the tree in 
Aurora yesterday ... no Screechie there. Didn't have time to look on Sweazy Rd..


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