I saw them a little over a week ago - 1 in nest, 1 in tree.

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Barrow's Goldeney

    On Friday we stopped by the Mud Lock Eagles nest and could not see any head 
on the nest or an Eagle in any nearby trees.  Hopefully it was just sitting 
very low in the nest. Has anyone had better luck or have they failed?  We also 
have not seen any adults near the nest north of the Rtes 89 and 31 junctions.  
Our Montezuma observations Friday were about the same as everyone has reported 
except for a total of 7 Rough-legged Hawks (4 over Main Pool and May’s Point 
and 3 in the Morgan/Carncross Road area).  There were a total of 15 Bald Eagles 
on the ice at Tschache Pool alone.
     While I’m typing I might as well mention that there has been a male 
Barrow’s Goldeneye( previously reported by others on Genesee Birds) at Deep Run 
Park on the east side of Canandaigua Lake which was still there today.  It was 
not easy to see as it was diving regularly and among a large raft of commoner 
ducks but once located it gave great views.  A lifer for 3 other birders there 
with us.  Mike and Joann Tetlow


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