I'm sorry for not posting the details on this bird earlier, but yesterday 
during the Ithaca CBC, I found a fairly bright ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER in the 
Community Garden south of Farmer's Market in Ithaca. I flushed it initially 
with a flock of juncos from the south end of the garden on the east side of the 
entrance road -- the garden still is (was) pretty green with vegetable leaves 
and weeds. The bird sat up in the brush pile just south of the garden boundary, 
and then flew off to the south. Later in the afternoon, Tim Lenz relocated the 
warbler along the weedy edge of the field to the south of the garden, closer to 
the CITGO station. 

This was a first record for the long-running Ithaca CBC, but exactly the kind 
of bird I was hoping to find with the lingering warm weather and greenery. Good 
luck to anyone hoping to re-find this bird, especially as the first cold blast 
of winter weather is approaching....


Ken Rosenberg
Conservation Science Program
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
607-342-4594 (cell)


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