At dusk I ventured out, and finding the temperature pleasant I walked to the lakeshore. 

CASPIAN TERNS provided entertainment by diving in the inlet. They didn't get any fish that I saw.

There were at least 25 DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS roosting in treetops across the inlet from the boat ramp. 

5 HOODED MERGANSERS and 1 DOMESTIC WHITE DUCK were among the many eclipse MALLARDS in the marina.

I heard and saw 2 EASTERN WOOD-PEWEES calling and flycatching at the edge of the woods by the Hog Hole. 

There were 3 full-sized OSPREYS at the platform - one on the nest and one atop each perch. I think only one of the birds on the perches was an adult. The other bird on a perch, like the one on the nest, gave the impression of being juvenile - a bit scruffy and uncomfortable.  

A mat of aquatic weeds is developing off the Hog Hole in the lake. On it there were 3 shorebirds, and only when I was looking at them through binoculars, poorly backlit against the water, did I regret leaving my scope at home. I think they were SOLITARY SANDPIPERS by their shape, including straight medium-length bills, dark brownish color above, sort of light below, and habit of suddenly and briefly stretching their neck upward.  I also saw 1 and later 2 more SPOTTED SANDPIPERS over the water moving to a doubtless better bit of shoreline. 

--Dave Nutter
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