Last night about 1015pm as I was shoveling my sidewalk one last time before going to bed, I heard geese overhead. They were fairly low, and not particularly going south. I don't know why they were wandering around in the low clouds lit up by Ithaca's street lights. Mostly they were Canadas, but I also heard a group of SNOW GEESE, so we now at least have that species for count week in case they all depart before Tuesday.
--Dave Nutter

On Dec 30, 2012, at 09:40 AM, Geo Kloppel <> wrote:

More Snow Geese are passing south out of the basin on this morning's brisk tail wind. I don't expect to see them circle back. There's relatively little agricultural land south of here, and it's all buried in snow.

-Geo Kloppel

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