A few minutes ago, as we were having lunch, two gorgeous male Pileated 
Woodpeckers flew down just outside our window, one low on the box-elder 
the other low on a black locust nearby. I think they were sizing up each 
other, in an annual Spring ritual in our yard. In my bird archives I see 
that last year they appeared on Feb. 12, and in 2011 on March 20, when 
they chased each other repeatedly all around our yard.
Earlier this morning we had a crowd of 20 Common Redpolls at the nyger 
seed spilled on the ground.
Chickadees seem to be looking at the nest-boxes. Our two Red-breasted 
Nuthatches are zipping in and out to the feeders all day. I have never 
been able to decide whether the pair we have throughout every winter 
stay and nest here or whether it is another pair that moves in later in 
the spring and spends the summer here.

Nari Mistry,
Ellis Hollow Rd.

Nari B. Mistry, Ithaca, NY
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