The Montezuma wildlife drive is open up to the spillway.  The water is all 
frozen.  There were gulls sitting on the ice as well as two juvenile Bald 
Eagles.  Other Bald Eagles were sitting on the far side of the river 
silhouetted by the sun. I also spotted a Harrier checking out the marsh.  There 
were also a few Red-Wing Blackbirds.  A FOS for me.  Still none at home.

 At Mud Lock lots of swans and ducks were leaving the lake.  One adult Bald 
Eagle was sitting at the point near the new nest.  Another adult was down near 
the dam.  It soon joined the first eagle.  Maybe it has found a new mate.  
Another pair of adult Bald Eagles flew by the point.

At Tschake pool lots of Snow Geese flew over at a very high altitude, going 
East.I didn't find any sitting at the Mucklands, though a large flock circled 
low, but continued east.  On my way home I found a large flock of Snow Geese on 
Stone School Rd., just west of Owasco Lake which afforded me some great 
photographic opportunities.  On the opposite side of the road were a few Horned 

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