I was at Knox Marsellus marsh briefly on Saturday morning and I watched the 
pelican feed while it was swimming across the shallow pool.  It would lower its 
head almost completely underwater while slowly swimming forward.  After a few 
seconds, it would raise its head up and swallow whatever was unfortunate enough 
to be in its path.   It did this multiple times and at one point swallowed on 9 
consecutive attempts.  I wondered what it was eating, but I could never really 
see what it was picking up.   

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Mickey Scilingo

On Jul 29, 2013, at 12:35 AM, Dave Nutter <nutter.d...@me.com> wrote:

> This evening the AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN again spent most of its time standing 
> and preening, but toward sunset I saw it swim a couple times, then stand in a 
> new place in the water and preen some more - especially under the wings, 
> which emphasizes the bizarre shape of this bird. During one of the swims it 
> also tried feeding by stretching its neck forward low to the water, rotating 
> its head 90°, and laterally biting the water ahead of it. I did not see it 
> obviously catch anything, nor did it seem very enthusiastic in this brief 
> activity. I imagine that a solo bird is at a disadvantage if it typically 
> feeds with a group of pelicans all herding fish into the shallows before 
> dipping them up. Such a massive bird must need a lot of food, and I haven't 
> heard other reports of it feeding. 
> Does anyone know who found the American White Pelican on 20 July? Mark Miller 
> said it was reported to him around 2pm when he was volunteering at the 
> Montezuma NWR headquarters, but he didn't know the name of reporter or 
> finder, and no one has reported it to eBird on this date. Earliest observer 
> gets their name on the Cayuga Lake Basin 2013 First Records list, along with 
> all the associated fame & glory.
> --Dave Nutter
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