I pick up the morning paper on my commute route at Dandy's in 
Slaterville Springs almost every morning. About two weeks ago I parked 
in the northwest corner of the lot and heard/saw a flock of Blue Jays 
mobbing the empty entrance to a tree cavity. I have checked the cavity 
every morning since then. On two of the ~3 mornings with bright sun and 
little wind (We haven't had many of those recently) a grey phase Screech 
Owl has been filling up the cavity opening. The hole is about 4 m higher 
and about 10 m to the westnorthwest of a parking lot lamp post in the 
northwest side of the lot. It takes about 30 seconds to drive by and 
check if he is filling up the hole with fluffy feathers, closed eyes, 
and little ear tufts.


John Confer


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