My gosh,

    I wouldn't have guessed that I could get so many helpful tips about 
somewhat sedentary SNOW. Thanks so much. The 16 person field trip looks 
like it may well be a success. Of course, the weather forecast is now 
for warming (which you might think was a blessing, except) with 
snow/sleet/rain. It could be that this trip is under a jinx. I'm 
certainly not going to supervise the driving of two vans filled with 
students in sleet/rain/snow, but we'll see what happens.

     Given the kind input so far, I will pay particular attention around 
Lane Rd off 34 and to the southern end of Indian Field Rd.!

     Several people have said that they have seen the SEOWs near Lake 
Winery from even as early as 3:30 to 4:30. I will time the trip to catch 
that window of opportunity. By the way, the raptor survey for the 
Greater Montezuma Wetlands Complex starts it's survey a half hour before 
legal sundown, way later than 3:30. I think the Montezuma timing is 
based on a lot of previous experience so the short-ears near the winery 
seem to be the exception.

Thanks so much to the listserve,

John Confer

I will have my cell phone (607-229-5952) with me throughout the day with 
the trip leaving at 1:00 (not 2:00 as I thought earlier).


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