Hi Folks,

      The class field trip was postponed from last week to 9 Feb. Of 
course it snowed, made roads slippery and we turned around to get home 
earlier than intended. But ... .

    We go two Snowy Owls, one along Rt 34 just north of Lane Rd and 
about 1 mile south of Genoa on a fence post to the southeast of the farm 
buildings , and the other at the very large dairy farm on Indian Field 
Rd and partially surrounded by Saxton Rd. on a building roof on the east 
side of Indian Field Rd. At this location we say ~50 Horned Lark, ~6 
Snow Buntings, and 2-3 Laplad Longspur in driveway where the earth had 
been scraped bare by a plow blade.

    Not the best field trip with two cars and snow and wind, but good 
enough to thrill the students. Thanks.

    I am a jinx. I have been blanked on Short-eared Owls all year. 
Yesterday we were at the Lake Winery for an hour from 3:30 to 4:30 with 
no owls detected, although snow and wind made watching difficult. I've 
gone on three raptor surveys at Montezuma and a trip to Amherst Island 
without getting any short-ears. Warning, do not ever go on a trip with 
me to find short-ears.

thanks for help wit the field trip,



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