I've had a N. MOCKINGBIRD at my feeders for 3 days now. First ever.  I arrived 
Sat. morn., where I first saw it at the suet-cake cages. It was having trouble, 
as it still does, hanging low on the side, but it can manage.  I'm not sure 
what attracted it to the compostpile at the back of the yard, but once there it 
immediately found several old grapes I had thrown out earlier in the morning.  
It ate them all.  So I put out some more; good ones this time--round, red, 
seedless---which it found acceptable.  The next day, to vary the menu, I also 
put out some frozen blueberries, and these are a hit too.  It has also spent 
some time picking up and eating Wheaties crumbs.
I spent all weekend, and much of today, watching its behavior and its 
interactions with the "regulars" in the yard.  These have been the most 
interesting behavioral observations I have been fortunate to witness in a long 
It is unconventional to put out fruit in the winter, but others might try it to 
see what is attracted.  You have to put the fruit out daily in the morning, 
otherwise the deer and possums eat it up at night.

Steve Fast


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