I had a spring treat early this morning.  There were 3 Bluebirds squabbling 
over a nest box.  There were two males for sure, but I could only find one 
female.  There may have been another female that I couldn't find in those low 
light levels.  My Bluebirds have to battle the House Sparrows for a box, but 
usually do win one or two boxes.

I also am seeing more Robins now that there are a few green patches on the 
lawn.  I also have a wet spot on the lawn which has provided a place for a 
drink and bath through out the winter.   Lots of birds come for that.  I had 
the neighborhood Mockingbird a few days ago .  

I have lots of Winterberry bushes which are loaded with fruit, yet I never see 
any birds on them.  I'm wondering if the more cultivated varieties are not as 
tasty as the wilder ones?  

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