I'm woefully behind on putting up photos.

Wednesday - light to medium songbird flight in the morning.  Shortly after the 
raptors got up, Hawk Counter Steve Kolbe spotted a Swallow-tailed Kite on the 
near horizon.  The bird spiraled and worked its way slowly toward the lookout, 
eventually passing over the third field.  About 10 minutes into the encounter I 
could still see it in the scope spiraling on the east lakeshore before being 
lost due to distance.  An hour or so later a lake breeze kicked in and the 
flight moved to the South Lookout, which has a better view of the east and 
south horizon.  I thought we might see the Kite come back but did not.  I 
wondered if it might think "this is far enough."  I suspect the current weather 
situation may have been at least partially responsible for it getting here.

Thursday - strong SE winds but little migration.  It's tempting to wonder how 
such a thing is possible.

Link to photo of the Kite and an intergrade Flicker (and a typical Flicker):


David Wheeler
N. Syracuse, NY


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