I just got a call (5:10pm) from Dominic Sherony who was at Montezuma earlier 
today. He says that when he arrived at Carncross Road about 11:30am there was a 
flock of 40-50 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS in the air along with some RED KNOTS - 
he's not sure how many. They had apparently been put up by an eagle, and they 
circled higher and departed. Joe Wing, who was there before they took flight, 
may have a count. At least 5 RED KNOTS remained at Carncross when Dominic left 
at 12:20pm, along with various other shorebirds, some of them distant and 

Dominic was also at Armitage Road today where he saw 2 possible AMERICAN 
GOLDEN-PLOVERS, one basic and one nearly so. If anyone else has seen these 
birds he'd like confirmation or correction on the ID. He was also at Armitage 
on the 27th and saw the single RED KNOT as late as 3pm that I found that day.

--Dave Nutter

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