Hi all,

My neighbor has a pet mimickingbird, I don't know what species it is. But daily 
morning from 4.30 to 5.15 am or so it mimics various calls and also I it has 
its own song I think. I would have to like it recorded but unfortunately my 
recorder was full. I did not feel like getting up to find for a new micor sd 
card.  But I listened to him while lying in the bed.

About mimicry:

He has one song which he repeats very often that is  "po po witch" sometimes 
uttered slowly sometimes fast. Then he does variety of mimicking from these I 
could recognize some of my yard birds

1. Cardinal which he does only "talk to me, talk to me"

2. Tufted Titmouse which he does only "CFCU'

3. Catbird (my ex) "meow' or "jump a teak or teag"

4. House Wren a jumble I cannot translate into words

I am yet to recognize other birds.  Now in the yard variety of baby bird calls 
of starlings, grackles and American Robin are being heard, I would like to know 
if he picks any of those.

He sings in the evening but not so elaborately!

But none of these mimicries are perfect, but you can say that they are very 



Meena Haribal
Ithaca NY 14850


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