I just put out the jelly feeder and there were 3 beautiful male Orioles at the 
feeder! I've had 2 Orioles regularly, but never three.  They had a conflict 
with the House Sparrows, as usual.  One Oriole ended up hanging upside down on 
the perch.  I think each Oriole got to eat.  The problem with the feeder now,  
is that it often gets mobbed with bees.  I think the Orioles come early, before 
the bees (and hornets).  Is there any solution for getting rid of the bees?  I 
had read that if you moved the feeder a few feet, the bees weren't smart enough 
to find .  Not so.  They found it right away.  It only confused the Orioles.   
I solved the bee problem of bees on the Hummingbird feeders by getting bee 
proof ones, which do work.  No solution for the Oriole feeder though.

My female Hummingbird has been hovering in front of the large sunroom window, 
seemingly watching me.  She's done it so often, I'm beginning to wonder if she 
is checking me out.  It might be a curious young one since her breast is very 
white. The feeders are full, so she's not asking for more food.  

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