As we were rounding off our CBCount at our feeders after counting at E 
Hill Rec Way and Dodge Rd., an adult Cooper's Hawk swooped up to a perch 
in the box-elder, directly above our line of feeders and fiercely eyed 
the feeders below, sweeping her head rapidly back and forth many times. 
We were quite awed by the fierce red eyes so close above us -- 
fortunately all the birds had fled a few moments earlier.

The bird count today was quite sparse in the 20F weather. None of the 
usual  Carolina wrens, Red-br nuthatches, A. Tree Sparrows. At our 
feeders yesterday we did have 3 Am Tree Sparrows  and a pair of Red-br 

Nari & Gin Mistry,
Ellis Hollow Rd.

*Nari B. Mistry*,
Ithaca, NY
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