My fingers were so cold I forgot to type the location earlier this
afternoon when I was at Game Farm Road and the Compost today from
3:30-4:30.  It seemed like raptor-ville; so I thought I would post.
Someone suggested I was looking at Short-eared Owls, which I had never seen
before.  (Thanks, Sue!)  And now I'd like to amend what I saw.  If anyone
was out there today and can verify anything, please do!

I think I saw 6 juvenile Red-tailed Hawks, 2 juvenile SEOs, and 2
unidentified falcons.  And they all looked so very hungry!  I got a very
good look (20 ft) at the gorgeous (black/grey/brown mix) feathers on the
back of the SEO while it sat on the posts before they "disappeared"
suddenly.  I was looking up for them, and if they were owls, I now realize
I should have looked down!  And here is a link to a picture, which matches
the colors of the birds back, which I definitely saw today,  I did not have the right
angle or enough time to see its face and was distracted by the six hawks in
the hedge row that caught the corner of my eye at the intersection of
Dodge/Stevenson/Game Farm Road.  They were buteo in form when flying, and
many had a red tail when the sun was out.  I watched them for about an hour
as they hunted in the 200+ acres of fields surrounding me.

The two smaller hawks showed up near the end of my time there, and I am
still not sure after having looked in my bird book.  They were very dark on
top and white on the underside, falcon-shape, crow-size.  I saw a
similar-looking one circling over Sapsucker Woods pond one hour earlier,
around 3:30pm.  The closest look I got was about 60 feet in flight.  Could
it be the Peregrine???

Joyful birding!
Sandy Wold

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I think I am looking at 6 juvenile Red-tailed Hawks and saw two crow-size
Hawks and one other hawk that is not a RTH. They are very active right now
and have been resting on posts and on trees in the hedge row. Will try to
identify later.

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