Most interesting to watch as 3 crows kept trying to get a bag containing French fries
& other food items from the small trash bin at the front entrance to Wendy's today.
Each would grab the bag & try to pull it from the partially enclosed bin. Occasionally
one would shake loose a French fry & leave with it. Finally, after about 10 min. one
managed to sit precariously on the bin lip edge with its head  under the "cover" & got
a good grip on the bag & succeeded in pulling it out onto the ground. Whooppee!!
Lots of food came tumbling out & the 3 crows were joined by several others who
quickly grabbed the treats & flew away .... and I didn't have a camera!!!

I am often amazed at the cunning & intelligence of crows. "Our" 7 check out my garden compost
every day, several times a day & also look under the feeders for dropped seed. No matter how
careful I am to try to stay hidden in the house while trying to observe them, the sentinel must see
me & off they go. Now if only the squirrels were as observant & would leave!

Several yrs. ago I was in front of the old P & C store in Auburn when I heard the very loud &
persistent "call" of a gull. I saw none anywhere around.  NONE!  I happened to glance to the roof
of the P & C & there was a crow, mimicking a gull. Next I heard a phone ringing & ringing but no
one was in the parking lot. NO ONE!  I glanced up at the crow & saw he was making the noise.
Since no other store where he sat on the roof was open, I came to the conclusion he was
mimicking the ringing phone in the Sakura restaurant which he could hear but I couldn't. Has
anyone else had such an experience?? It left me thrilled & amazed.

Fritzie Blizzard, Union Springs, NY

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