Years ago I joined my parents at their favorite hotel on Sanibel Island near 
Fort Myers Florida. One day my father and I were walking through the parking 
lot below the second floor balcony where there was a maid's room-cleaning cart 
next to the railing. 
All of a sudden coffee stirrers, sugar packets, and creamer packets rained down 
on our heads!
We looked up to see a Fish Crow on the cart raiding the rooms' coffee supplies! 
it was helping itself to the sugar and flinging the other stuff over the 

Another day I was sitting on my lounge chair out on the beach and a person a 
few feet away had left their beach supplies and snacks on the sand by their 
lounge chair while they took a walk. 
One item was one of those brick pack boxes of juice with the little straw that 
you punch through the small round aluminum hole to get the juice. 

a Fish Crow flew down & stood by the box & pecked the small aluminum round spot 
until it broke. F. Crow tipped the box over so the juice started to run out and 
it stuck its beak there to drink the juice!

Crows love our fast food nation!

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Donna Scott

On Mar 8, 2015, at 11:50 PM, wrote:

> Most interesting to watch as 3 crows kept trying to get a bag containing 
> French fries 
> & other food items from the small trash bin at the front entrance to Wendy's 
> today. 
> Each would grab the bag & try to pull it from the partially enclosed bin. 
> Occasionally 
> one would shake loose a French fry & leave with it. Finally, after about 10 
> min. one 
> managed to sit precariously on the bin lip edge with its head  under the 
> "cover" & got 
> a good grip on the bag & succeeded in pulling it out onto the ground. 
> Whooppee!! 
> Lots of food came tumbling out & the 3 crows were joined by several others 
> who 
> quickly grabbed the treats & flew away .... and I didn't have a camera!!! 
> I am often amazed at the cunning & intelligence of crows. "Our" 7 check out 
> my garden compost
> every day, several times a day & also look under the feeders for dropped 
> seed. No matter how 
> careful I am to try to stay hidden in the house while trying to observe them, 
> the sentinel must see 
> me & off they go. Now if only the squirrels were as observant & would leave!
> Several yrs. ago I was in front of the old P & C store in Auburn when I heard 
> the very loud & 
> persistent "call" of a gull. I saw none anywhere around.  NONE!  I happened 
> to glance to the roof 
> of the P & C & there was a crow, mimicking a gull. Next I heard a phone 
> ringing & ringing but no 
> one was in the parking lot. NO ONE!  I glanced up at the crow & saw he was 
> making the noise. 
> Since no other store where he sat on the roof was open, I came to the 
> conclusion he was 
> mimicking the ringing phone in the Sakura restaurant which he could hear but 
> I couldn't. Has 
> anyone else had such an experience?? It left me thrilled & amazed.
> Fritzie Blizzard, Union Springs, NY
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