Two new osprey platforms have been placed atop elec. poles: one across from
Union Springs High School driveway at the water plant. Another is north of the
RR track at the 2nd fire lane. Can't think of the name on the driveway sign or
what the firelane no. is. Maybe there are only crossed oars on the sign.

Down Backus Rd. in Hibiscus Harbor is a nest in a bad location, ... on top of a pole
which has 2 transformers on it. Some sticks actually rest on the transformers. With
leaves off trees, now is the time to be looking for such nests & to let Candace Cornell
know about them since she is co-ordinating such information.

Open water north of the RR bridge/Harris Park is refuge for great nos. of ducks & swans
but few geese at this time. A few tiny areas just south of Harris Park had some open
water with mostly common mergansers. The channel from the RR bridge to the lock is
mostly open & full of ducks. I saw many common & red-breasted mergs, goldeneye,
redhead, canvasbacks, redheads & scaup. Whatever else was there, I didn't take time to
look ... oh yes, maybe 60 + swans & less than a doz. Canadas. What amazed me was
the great number of ducks right at the lock & also on the river south of 5 & 20.

In Auburn I saw many ring billed (garbage) gulls over the Bed, Bath & Beyond mall parking
lot but only two north of Cayuga. Saw no evidence of eagle activity on the nest at Mud Lock.
Out on the ice at Mud Lock I saw a female common merganser that looked disoriented with
feathers that appeared to be quite water soaked. She didn't look healthy.

Along Rte. 90 north of the Lettie Cook Woods entrance were 2 dead deer lying together along
the shoulder, the first road kill I've seen in maybe 2 mos.. Becky released a male skunk from
her neighbor's live trap this evening. :>) He stomped his feet repeatedly at her & curled his tail
up over his back but she said sweet nothings in his ears as she covered the trap with a blanket,
put him in her car & took him away from the very worried neighbor.

Tomorrow, despite all I have to do that is more important, I hope to go to Oswego & look for the
magnificent male harlequin on the Oswego river below the bridge. Hopefully he will spend another
day there.

Fritzie, Union Springs
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